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Boosting Employee Retention: Mastering Remote Onboarding

You’ve invested time, money, and resources into recruiting a new professional, providing them with all the necessary tools for remote work, and then leaving them to navigate the new environment alone. However, as the first day ends, there’s a mutual feeling of dissatisfaction and doubt between you and the newcomer, leading you to question whether the right choice was made. Then, your worst fear materializes: the new hire decides to quit after just a day.


So, what went wrong? The answer lies in support. How does your company approach new hire guidance? Is there a mentorship program in place for new recruits? Are there clearly defined objectives set for new hires during their onboarding phase? Let’s explore why these factors matter significantly.


The Onboarding Puzzle: Setting the Stage Right


The onboarding of a new software developer is a moment of great expectation, marking the start of a journey filled with exciting challenges for the new hire and much-needed support for the existing team. However, the reality of the IT industry presents a daunting challenge – the high employee turnover rate.


The statistics paint a stark picture: about 20% of employees leave their new jobs within just 45 days of joining. This rapid churn in staff is often attributed to various factors, but one reason stands out – inadequate training and guidance for new hires, especially in a specialized area such as software development.


The consequence of high turnover isn’t merely a number; it has real impacts. It affects a company’s growth trajectory, disrupts team harmony, and adds additional costs due to recurrent hiring and training.


Addressing this high turnover rate is crucial. By focusing on comprehensive onboarding, including robust guidance and training at the start of the employment journey, organizations can build a stronger foundation for employee success and job satisfaction. This investment can drastically reduce the turnover rate, making the IT sector a more attractive field for talent.


Maximizing Retention in Outstaffing Through Enhanced Guidance


At Mirigos, we’re firm believers in the transformative power of comprehensive guidance, especially in outstaffing. Our approach extends beyond mere task-oriented training; we introduce new hires to unique remote work culture, company procedures, work methods, and team dynamics. By equipping new hires with the necessary resources and understanding, we set the stage for their successful integration into their roles.


Our in-depth and welcoming onboarding process aims to quickly make new hires comfortable and integrated into the team, accelerating their progress from newcomers to productive team members. This emphasis on early engagement and inclusivity can help increase job satisfaction and morale, contributing to improved retention rates in the long run.


Prioritizing Networking and Connections in the Onboarding Process


A critical element of our onboarding process at Mirigos centers on fostering connections and facilitating networking opportunities. In the remote work culture, human connections hold paramount importance, and we strive to nurture this from day one.


From the outset, new hires are introduced to key members of the team, including their immediate colleagues, project managers, and even executives. This helps to establish a network of relationships that will serve them throughout their tenure.


Further, we ensure that they know where to find essential resources and who to contact for specific queries or support. This goes a long way in making new hires feel at ease in their new environment and helping them to quickly become part of the organizational fabric.


In a virtual setting, such introductions and facilitated networking help to build a sense of community, reducing feelings of isolation that can sometimes accompany remote work. This not only assists in making them feel comfortable and confident but also promotes open communication, collaboration, and an overall positive work culture. By emphasizing these connections early in the onboarding process, we aim to foster a supportive and engaging environment that bolsters job satisfaction and aids in retaining top talent.


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Outstaffing with Mirigos: Your Partner for Smooth IT Onboarding


The challenge of dedicating resources to new hire training and mentorship is a recurring theme across businesses, and this is precisely where outstaffing shines. At Mirigos, we step in to offer a holistic solution that encompasses employee motivation, retention, and guidance right from day one.


With a rich history of managing top-tier talent and a decade of industry experience under our belt, we’re well-equipped to ensure the best fit for your needs. Our robust understanding of the reasons that drive employees away has enabled us to devise strategies aimed at negating such instances.


Choosing Mirigos as your outstaffing partner translates into a commitment towards employee satisfaction and achievement. We do more than just bring new hires onboard – we infuse them into the very DNA of your team. Backed by our innovative onboarding practices and an expansive talent pool, we ensure that your new hires aren’t just mere additions to your team, but invaluable members primed for success from their first day.


In conclusion


Navigating the complexities of onboarding and employee retention in the IT sector can be quite a challenge. However, with a reliable outstaffing partner like Mirigos, these hurdles can be transformed into opportunities for growth and development.


Mirigos, through its commitment to enhanced guidance and robust mentorship programs, has proven itself as a competent agency in IT outstaffing. Our focus on comprehensive onboarding, coupled with an emphasis on establishing strong connections within the remote workforce, sets the stage for high employee retention and productivity.


When you choose Mirigos, you’re choosing a strategic partner dedicated to ensuring that every new hire isn’t just added to a team, but is seamlessly integrated and primed for success from day one.

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