TOP soft skills to develop by 2027 according to WEF Report

As we enter a future that’s not just technologically driven but also rewriting the rules of the job market, employers are adjusting their focus. While hard skills like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data are undeniably important, the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Survey indicates a growing emphasis on essential soft skills.

By 2027, both hard and soft skills will become the cornerstones of employability and career advancement. For more detailed insights on hard skills and technological trends, check out our other article.

But for now, let’s delve into the soft skills that will be most critical in the years to come.


Top Soft Skills by 2027 according WEF Report


Leadership and Social Influence


Leadership isn’t just for top executives anymore. The WEF survey shows a growing focus on leadership and social influence from 2023 to 2027. For example, in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Infrastructure sectors, over 60% of five-year strategies aim to improve leadership skills among employees.


Top Soft Skills by 2027 according WEF Report



Empathy and Active Listening


These skills are now essential, especially in Healthcare, Education, and Consumer Goods. Empathy and active listening are not just desirable; they’re necessary for today’s team-oriented workplaces.


Top Soft Skills by 2027 according WEF Report


Resilience, Flexibility, and Agility


The pandemic reminded us that life is full of surprises. Industries like Insurance and Employment Services are heavily focusing on building resilience and agility in their employees. These skills help people adapt quickly and effectively in a volatile job market.


Top Soft Skills by 2027 according WEF Report


Curiosity and Lifelong Learning


With ever-changing technology, lifelong learning is critical. Sectors such as Healthcare and Electronics are emphasizing curiosity and constant learning for career longevity.

Motivation and Self-awareness


These traits are particularly important in the Infrastructure sector. In our age of remote work, self-motivation and awareness are more vital than ever for professional growth.


Top Soft Skills by 2027 according WEF Report

Global Citizenship and Environmental Stewardship


While not universally emphasized, these skills are gaining traction in sectors like Advanced Manufacturing. Industries like Agriculture and Energy are also focusing on environmental stewardship.


Working with Others


Industries such as Education, Healthcare, and Consumer Goods highlight the need for teamwork. Teamwork remains essential as work becomes more interdisciplinary.


Top Soft Skills by 2027 according WEF Report


While the spotlight often shines brightest on the latest technological skills, soft skills remain equally vital for career success and are catching the attention of companies planning their training initiatives. From leadership and empathy to resilience and environmental stewardship, the WEF suggests that a balanced skill set will be the key to navigating the job market of the future successfully.

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