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Let Mirigos create dedicated development team for your project. Just share your requirements with us, including tech stack, seniority level, and team size. We'll take care of recruiting and payroll, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business tasks.

New custom-tailored dedicated team

Easily expand your team with top talent. Bring on one or more skilled developers to seamlessly integrate them into your IT department. Our agency handles all administrative tasks, while you focus on managing the team and their project.

Current dedicated development team

Accelerate Your Software Development Process

With our outstaffing services, we can help you build a dedicated team of experienced programmers, mobile app developers, DevOps engineers, and other IT specialists who will work solely on your project.

We ensure that your vision is realized with the utmost quality by providing you with a tailor-made team that fits your unique needs and requirements.

Transform your project by outsourcing administrative tasks and scaling your technical capacity with a dedicated software development team. Get started on building your dream tech-team today!

Dedicated Development Team

The Benefits of a Dedicated Development Team

IT Staff Augmentation

Access Top Talent

If you're struggling to find top-tier talent, a dedicated development team may be the solution you need. With millions skilled software developers available worldwide, you can quickly expand your team without the lengthy and costly recruitment process. At Mirigos, we offer access to diverse tech stacks, seniority levels and technical expertise to ensure you get the perfect fit for your project.

IT Staff Augmentation

Flexible Scaling

With our dedicated development team model, you can easily adjust the size of your team to meet your project needs. Whether you need to hire one developer or multiple, we've got you covered. As your workload changes, simply scale up or down on demand. Avoid the hassle of recruiting or letting go of programmers - let us handle it so you can focus on your product's development.

IT Staff Augmentation

Quick Start

Are you frustrated with the lengthy and tiring hiring processes that often result in losing potential candidates? If so, outsourcing your development project to a dedicated development team can be an excellent solution. By doing so, you can save time and enjoy a faster time-to-market with a team that's ready to start working on your project right away.

IT Staff Augmentation

Effortless Talent Management

When you outsource software development to a dedicated team, you also outsource administrative HR tasks to our reliable agency. This means that your organization can offload non-core functions, allowing you to free up valuable time and resources to focus on your core business activities and strategic goals. By prioritizing what matters most, you can achieve greater productivity for your organization.

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