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Looking to strengthen your development team with skilled professionals? Our staff augmentation services strike the right balance between cost-efficiency and project advancement.

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Boost Your Team Efficiency with Our Staff Augmentation Services

Our team augmentation solutions provide skilled software engineers for permanent positions, tailored to your needs.


Whether it’s for specific projects or long-term support, our experts collaborate with you to identify required skills and seamlessly integrate competent engineers into your team.

Benefits You Gain with Mirigos Staff Augmentation

Reduce Operational Costs

Cut down on company expenses by eliminating the costs of office space, equipment, and taxes.

Hassle-Free Recruitment

Let us find and vet top development talent, and handle the entire screening process for you.

Minimize legal hassles

We handle all legal responsibilities and documentation for the hires.

Vetted Talent Access

Mirigos connects you with a wide pool of certified software specialists to scale up your team.

Tight timelines

Meet deadlines with skilled developers who are dedicated to delivering your project on time.

Complete control

Maintain complete control over your project's success by personally selecting team members and participating in the screening process.

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How Our Staff Augmentation Services Work

Analysis & Discovery

We analyze your business plans to determine together the number of engineers required, as well as deliverables in relation to the timeline.

Resource allocation

We match your needs with a vast and diverse global talent pool of IT professionals.


We seamlessly incorporate talented developers into your existing projects, aligning with your principles, operations, and procedures.

Account management

We support your team with regular feedback and meetings, ensuring smooth project delivery.

Unlock the Potential of Top Developer Talent
Specifically For Your Needs 

Complete our contact form, and our team will promptly get in touch to discuss your project requirements. We’re committed to delivering tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.


    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Staff Augmentation Services

    What are staff augmentation services?

    Staff augmentation services refer to the strategic approach of bringing onboard temporary talent possessing specific skill sets to fortify your existing workforce. This adaptive business tactic is pivotal for companies to meet fluctuating project demands and inject specialized expertise when necessary.

    How does staff augmentation differ from managed services?

    The crux of staff augmentation lies in bolstering your existing team with external professionals while still holding reins over the project management. On the other hand, managed services shift the entire onus of a project or a specific business function onto a third-party provider, from inception to completion.

    Can you provide an example of staff augmentation?

    Let’s consider a company developing an automated system for a particular project. They might choose to hire a temporary automation engineer through staff augmentation, to work in conjunction with the in-house team and bring unique expertise to the table.

    Why use staff augmentation services?

    Staff augmentation services offer firms adaptability, control, and economic efficiency. They permit swift adjustment to evolving project requirements.
    Additionally, they provide an opportunity to manage the project’s trajectory, and curtail costs related to permanent hiring and employee retention.

    What is the process of staff augmentation?

    The process involved in staff augmentation typically includes identifying project needs and required skill sets, searching for and evaluating potential candidates, onboarding the best-suited professionals, integrating them into your existing team, and monitoring their contributions throughout the project lifecycle.

    Why choose staff augmentation instead of managed services?

    Choosing staff augmentation allows for direct control, flexibility, and access to specific skills on a temporary basis. It’s ideal for companies that need to quickly scale their team or require specialized knowledge. In contrast, managed services are best when outsourcing an entire project or function, offering comprehensive management by a third-party, but with less direct control.

    What are the different types of staff augmentation?

    The scope of staff augmentation spans three categories: short-term, long-term, and project-specific. Short-term hiring lasts for weeks or months, long-term stretches for a considerable period, while project-specific hiring is tailored to the complete project duration.

    What is another name for staff augmentation?

    Other terms synonymous with staff augmentation include team augmentation, workforce augmentation, team extension, personnel augmentation, or resource outsourcing.

    What is the difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing?

    Both are external hiring strategies, yet they differ significantly. Staff augmentation involves hiring temporary talent to work alongside your existing team, with the company retaining project control. In contrast, outsourcing delegates an entire project or business function to an external provider.

    How should staff augmentation be managed?

    Effective management of staff augmentation involves outlining clear roles, fostering open and consistent communication, aligning external staff with the organizational culture and project objectives, and monitoring their performance in concert with the internal team.