Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages Of Outstaffing Model?

Outstaffing model provides you with an opportunity to be in full control of your team hires and their performance. Employees joining the team are working for your company/project and dedicate their full attention to it. It also provides a significant cost savings as outstaffing has the lowest overhead cost compared to outsourcing and even hiring employees directly.

What About Long-Term Commitments?

We understand that business flexibility is one of the most important factors for choosing a partner. We understand that priorities change and that a short interview process is not always sufficient to find the right person. You are free to let go of any member of our team or ask for a replacement at any time.

I Am Looking For A Specialist In Technologies That Are Not On Your List. Can You Help?

Our main expertise is to help you find a person perfectly matching your needs. We can help you achieve success with any hires in technology.

How Does Mirigos Differ From Its Competitors?

Mirigos is managed by an industry veteran. Our CEO and Founder Zhenya Rozinskiy has built and managed development groups for startups and enterprise alike. It’s based on his experience and deep understanding of problems in this space we built Mirigos. All of our candidates are screened by technology professionals, we make sure that candidates we send actually match your requirements both hard and soft. Based on our experience our unique model really aligns goals and priorities of our clients with candidates and our own. Working together towards the same goal is just better.

What Is The Cost Of Your Service?

The cost varies greatly depending on candidates location, experience, and technology. Regardless of who the right candidate is for your needs we provide the best cost/experience ration in the industry.  Thanks to our unique business model our overhead is very low and as the result we pass these savings on to you.