We streamline team augmentation for your business, enabling seamless talent integration and a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Client Managed Team

Let us source top-notch employees who will work directly under your guidance and supervision.

Mirigos Managed Team

We'll integrate with your current team, offering efficient delivery management for your remote workforce.


Discover exceptional talent across Latin America, Europe, and the US, ensuring faster placements with top candidates.


We can help you setup the most efficient delivery process for distributed development.


Our Services



Experience the benefits of IT staff augmentation. By incorporating skilled software engineers into your existing team, you can significantly enhance efficiency and project success. Our approach focuses on identifying the specific expertise required and ensuring seamless integration with your team. Tap into the potential of IT staff augmentation to drive your business forward.




Streamline your software development with dedicated teams. We assist in building a custom team of expert programmers and IT specialists devoted to your project. By aligning with your unique needs, we help you achieve top-quality results. Enhance your technical capacity by outsourcing administrative tasks and building your ideal software development team with our support.

Provide timely feedback and evaluations to nurture growth and skill development. Leverage compensation as a tool to motivate and maintain a high-performing team, facilitating a seamless and efficient workflow tailored to your business needs.


Exercise complete control over your team, empowering them to excel. Supervise deliverables, tasks, and priorities, ensuring alignment with your strategic goals.

This unified approach not only ensures smoother workflows but also accelerates progress and amplifies overall success, as all parties contribute their expertise and resources in a concerted effort.


Mirigos model allows for a complete alignment of priorities between you, employees, and us. When everyone naturally moves in the same direction things happen.

Our unparalleled access ensures that we can swiftly identify and secure the ideal candidates for your positions, elevating your team's capabilities and driving your business forward with exceptional talent.


Discover top-tier talent from Latin America, Europe, and the US through our extensive network and expertise.

Why Mirigos?

Our unique model addresses the typical challenges associated with outsourcing, providing you with the perfect blend of benefits. With Mirigos, you can access exceptional global talent that integrates seamlessly with your existing team, just like in-house employees. The reality is, outsourcing is an excellent option for certain tasks, but it often falls short when it comes to team augmentation or scaling your core team.


Mirigos is the solution you’ve been searching for, combining the advantages of both worlds to create a harmonious and efficient working environment. Let us empower your business with top-notch international talent that works cohesively with your team, ensuring unparalleled growth and success.

Mirigos Philosophy

At Mirigos, our philosophy is straightforward – global engineer recruitment should be hassle-free. Our CEO and founder, drawing from over 20 years of experience in executive roles within engineering companies, consistently encountered a familiar dilemma: hiring locally with its inherent challenges or outsourcing at the expense of control and employee loyalty.


Upon successfully implementing his team augmentation strategy within his own teams, the concept of Mirigos took shape. Our goal is to amaze clients with our innovative approach to team augmentation, combining the best of both worlds.


Mirigos unites you with top-tier talent across various disciplines, crafting seamless digital solutions tailored to your projects and business needs.


Enhancing User Engagement


We provide access to skilled frontend developers who specialize in custom web development and front-end architecture, ensuring a smooth user experience and professional appearance for your web projects.


Powering Your Digital Solutions


We help you find talented and experienced backend developers for your project needs, with expertise in distributed systems, microservices, AI, data engineering, and mobile back-end development, enabling you to scale your technical capacity efficiently.


Streamlining Front and Back-End Technologies


Our services include finding expert Full Stack Development teams skilled in MEAN and MERN technology stacks. We manage the hiring process for your dedicated development team, ensuring seamless and dynamic web applications.


Facilitating Smooth Project Execution


We connect you with Development and Operations professionals who specialize in automation, cloud integration, CI/CD, and testing. Our services also include release preparation and steady maintenance to ensure long-term success.


Maintaining Functionality and Performance


We provide access to dedicated QA professionals who specialize in various testing methodologies. These experts work closely with your team to ensure optimal functionality and performance of your software.


Crafting High-Quality Experiences


Our outstaffing services offer access to top-tier talent in product and service design. These experienced designers specialize in design thinking, research and data analytics, wireframing, prototyping, and graphic design, ensuring impactful and high-quality user experiences.


Developing User-Friendly Solutions


Our outstaffing agency helps you assemble a team of experienced User Interface Design and UX professionals. With services encompassing responsive design, custom web design, mobile UI/UX design, and SAAS CRM design, these experts help you create intuitive and user-friendly software products.


Aligning Teams for Success


We offer project management services to ensure your team remains focused on project requirements and objectives. By working closely with all stakeholders, we adapt to their expectations and deliver successful outcomes.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are the outstaffing benefits?

The outstaffing model allows you to retain complete control over your team’s hiring and performance. Team members work exclusively for your company or project, devoting their full attention to its success. Additionally, outstaffing offers substantial cost savings due to its lower overhead expenses compared to outsourcing or direct hiring.

What about long-term commitments?

We understand the importance of flexibility in business and the need to adapt to ever-changing priorities. With our approach, you can release or request a replacement for any team member at any time, ensuring the best fit and a dynamic partnership that evolves with your needs.

I need a specialist in technologies not listed. Can you help?

Our core expertise lies in finding the ideal candidate to meet your specific requirements. We’re committed to helping you succeed with any technology-related hires, even those not explicitly mentioned on our list.

What sets Mirigos apart from its competitors?

Mirigos is led by industry veteran Zhenya Rozinskiy, our CEO and Founder, who has extensive experience in building and managing development groups for startups and enterprises. Mirigos is built upon his deep understanding of industry challenges. Our candidates undergo a thorough screening process conducted by technology professionals, ensuring that they meet both hard and soft requirements. Our unique model effectively aligns the goals and priorities of our clients, candidates, and our organization, fostering a collaborative approach to achieving shared objectives.

What is the cost of your service?

The cost of our outstaffing service varies significantly based on factors such as candidate location, experience, and technology expertise. However, we pride ourselves on offering the best cost-to-experience ratio in the industry. Our unique business model keeps overhead low, allowing us to pass those savings directly to you while delivering top-notch talent tailored to your needs.