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Delivering Exceptional Talent Experience: The MIRIGOS Approach

It’s no secret that companies venturing on software development projects often grapple with challenges surrounding team productivity and talent retention. The unexpected departure of a key expert right when their input is most critical can be a significant setback. So, what’s the secret to achieving team stability, productivity, and satisfaction? It all boils down to providing an exceptional talent experience.


Decoding Talent Experience and Its Importance


Talent experience reflects the degree of engagement, satisfaction, and professional benefits an employee garners within an organization. If an individual feels they are growing professionally, achieving their career goals, and resonating with the company culture and management, then they are experiencing a positive talent experience.


Conversely, if a team member feels stagnant, as if they’re not progressing in their career, or if they’re facing communication issues with clients or team members, they are likely having a less than optimal talent experience.


Can Talent Experience Be Automated with Digital Employee Experience Software?


For those managing a remote team, digital employee experience software might seem like an ideal solution. However, it’s essential to recognize the potential risks. Each professional is unique, and often, understanding their needs for productivity and job satisfaction requires a deep, personal connection.


At MIRIGOS, we’ve learned through experience that fostering employee satisfaction is a complex endeavor that cannot be automated. Every successful team we’ve built for our clients required our undivided attention and expertise to ensure both the developers and the company are content.


How MIRIGOS Ensures the Best Talent Experience


We understand that many companies may not have the time, resources, or expertise to effectively manage talent experience, even though they recognize its importance. At MIRIGOS, we take this responsibility seriously, utilizing our expertise to ensure the best talent experience for each developer.


We have developed a comprehensive approach that focuses on each developer’s professional growth within the company. Our developers feel closely supported and heard, knowing that their needs and concerns are our priority. We make sure that both the developers and the client are clear about our processes and principles, adding tremendous value especially as clients typically have limited time to spare for these matters.


Effective vertical and horizontal communication is essential for developers to feel comfortable and part of a community. From day one, we provide a clear roadmap, including:


Onboarding Support: We facilitate a smooth transition for the professional into the team, enabling them to start delivering value quickly. This includes setting up environments, teamwork methodology, introductions to stakeholders, peers, and leaders, task load, work-life balance, and understanding the developer’s responsibilities.


Onboarding Conclusion: We meet with the developer and the client to review the initial stage of the relationship and gather feedback. Once the developer delivers quality work and integrates into the team and its processes, the onboarding process is deemed complete.


Feedback Loop: While the client’s primary focus is on software development, we concentrate on monitoring the developer’s results, their motivation, and engagement with the project, as well as identifying areas of improvement in both directions.


Annual Reviews: These are performance review sessions conducted every year, during which the developer’s technical and soft skills are evaluated. We gather feedback and conclusions, set new objectives for the next six months, and monitor adherence to these objectives in future reviews. If the developer meets the objectives, their rate may be increased. These objectives align with the career plan each developer aspires to follow.


Our approach proves its worth when a developer wants to change their position or role. For example, a developer who has been working on frontend development may decide to transition to backend development. At MIRIGOS, we support them in their decisions and career development, ensuring their satisfaction remains high.

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