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Who We Are

With over 20 years of global IT experience we've helped companies of all sizes and maturity levels to build and structure highly effective local and distributed teams.

Who You Are

A successful growing and transforming organization that can benefit from transforming your IT or Engineering teams to increase productivity and reduce costs.

We are together

We are laser focused on your success. Working side by side and combining your knowledge with our expertise and know-how we are unstoppable.


Process Improvement. We can help your distributed teams work together more efficiently.

Outsourcing Challenges. We can help you improve results you receive from your existing outsourcing vendor.

Staff Augmentation. We can help you grow your team by either finding short term help or building your own. We can help you benefit from a global IT market to gain access to best resources while keeping costs under control.


Rather than claim expertise in a given technology we pride ourselves in being able to find the right experts to make you successful. What differentiates us from others is an absolutely unique approach to building teams, working with clients, and solving problems.

We run a completely transparent model. We don't bill you by hour, we don't sell you people as a black box, we don't hide truth behind 'blended rates'. When you work with us you make every hiring decision, you know exact salaries of people, and you control their growth. We build teams for you. We believe that your employees should be loyal to you. Period!

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Phone number 818-272-8232